"Head Office Japan Internet Reservation System" Terms of Service

Head Office Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our Company") is the "Head Office Japan Internet Reservation System" operated by our customers.
In order to use (hereinafter referred to as “this system”) properly and smoothly, the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) have been established.
When using this system, please comply with these terms.

Conditions for using this system

Article 1

  1. This system is available only to customers who comply with these terms and conditions and our accommodation agreement.
  2. When the customer makes a reservation for the products and services provided by the Hotels,
    By applying for this application, we will treat you as having agreed to these terms and conditions and our accommodation agreement.
  3. The Company may cause inconvenience, disadvantage, harm, harm, etc. to third parties, or acts that may interfere with our services.
    Users who perform any act that the Company deems inappropriate (prohibited acts) may refuse the use of this system and our hotel.

Reservation application

Article 2

If you are applying for a reservation, please fill out the necessary information in the reservation application form for the desired product / service without fail.

Effect of application for incomplete input

Article 3

If there is a defect in the entry of the necessary information in the preceding article, the reservation application will be invalid.

Time of reservation

Article 4

Reservation by this system shall be made when the Company, which operates the Hotels, sends a notice of consent in response to the customer's application specified in Article 2.

Cancellation/change of reservation

Article 5

  1. If the registration details are changed, please use this system to register as soon as possible.
  2. If you cannot use this system due to unavoidable circumstances, members should contact the hotel directly.
    Also, if you contact the hotel directly, you will not receive a change cancellation notice.

Prohibited activities

Article 6

When using this system, the user shall not perform any of the following acts or acts that may cause such.

  1. Acts of using this system for improper purposes
  2. An act of committing a crime
  3. The copyright of the Company or a third party. Acts that infringe on intellectual property rights, portrait rights or property, such as trademark rights, or acts that may infringe
  4. The act of entering false or unauthorized information when making an accommodation reservation
  5. Acts of using this system for profit or resale, regardless of reasons such as paid arrangements
  6. The act of impersonating a third party and using this system
  7. The act of sending or writing harmful computer programs
  8. Acts that violate laws and regulations, these Terms, or public order and morals
  9. Acts that interfere with the operation of this system
  10. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

If the user damages the Company and this system due to violations of these Terms, the Company shall be able to claim all damages incurred to the user.

Payment of fees

Article 7

Please pay the accommodation fee by cash or credit card at the time of check-out at your hotel.

A penalty

Article 8

If the reservation is canceled or changed for your convenience, a penalty (cancellation fee) set by our company will be charged.
Penalties are set for each accommodation plan you booked, so please check the cancellation fee item of the applicable plan for details.

Handling of Member Information and Reservation Information

Article 9

  1. In order to deliver comfortable services to customers, we jointly use member registration information and reservation information (history) on this site.
    The information you have registered will be used to provide better services to customers, and will not be used for any other purpose except in the case of paragraph 2 below.
  2. Regarding the use of this system in a corporate contract using this system, from the representative of the contracted corporation (including the person in charge of the authority).
    If there is a request for disclosure of information on the usage status, you agree to disclose the membership registration information and reservation details (history) used as the corporation.

Changes to this system

Article 10

Changes to this system may be made without prior notice to the customer when the Company deems it necessary.
Please check these terms and conditions each time you use it.

Temporary suspension of use

Article 11

Please note that we may suspend the use of this system without prior notice to customers in any of the following cases.

  1. When performing maintenance or other construction work related to this system
  2. When a natural disaster or other emergency has occurred or is likely to occur
  3. In addition, if we determine that it is necessary to suspend use.

Our Hotels' Responsibilities and Disclaimers

Article 12

  1. The Hotels will compensate for the damages in fulfilling the accommodation contract and related contracts, or if the breach of them causes damage to the guest.
    Provided, however, that this shall not apply if this is not due to reasons attributable to the hotel.
  2. If the Hotels cannot provide a guest room contracted to the guest, the Hotels shall, with the consent of the guest, arrange other accommodations under the same conditions as much as possible.
  3. Regardless of the above provisions, Hotels will pay a penalty equivalent to the guest if it cannot be recruited to another accommodation facility regardless of the above provisions, and the compensation fee will be applied to the damages.
    However, if there is no reason attributable to the Hotels for the inability to provide the guest rooms, no compensation will be paid.


Article 13

The terms of use for other uses are in accordance with the accommodation agreement provided by the hotel.

Countries and courts where a trial can be held

Article 14

In the event of a dispute regarding this system, you and our company may file an action against the Osaka District Court in Japan.

Revised on October 1, 2015
Revised on October 1, 2012
Enacted April 1, 2000
Head Office Japan Co., Ltd.