October 1, 2022


We give top priority to customer safety, recognize the importance of appropriate food allergies, and establish a “food allergy response policy” to ensure that you can eat food safely.

2.About food allergy

Ⅰ. Food allergies are when eating, touching, or inhale food, the immune system, which should protect the body, reacting excessively, causing harm to the body.

Ⅱ. Allergens prescribed by the Food Labeling Law
If food contains specific raw materials or raw materials equivalent to specific raw materials, labeling obligations or labeling recommendation are stipulated.

※ 7 specified raw materials and walnuts…Manufacturers are required to display
  Eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, crabs, and walnuts (scheduled to be designated as specific raw materials)

※ 20 items according to specified raw materials: Recommended to manufacturers
  Abalone, squid, how much, salmon, mackerel, beef, pork, chicken, orange, apple, banana, kiwifruit, thighs, soybeans, sesame, cashew nuts, yamaimo, matsutake, gelatin, almond

3.Our basic approach

In providing food and drink to our hotel with food allergies, our basic policy is to give top priority to customer safety, but please note the following items.

Ⅰ. If you are required to provide a meal for food allergies, we will only provide a “low allergen menu” excluding seven specified raw materials and walnuts, and in principle no other measures will be taken.

Ⅱ. Our company uses a variety of ingredients in the same kitchen, so we do not use special cooking utensils for each ingredient. For this reason, it is not possible to ensure that small amounts of ingredients that are not used as raw materials are not mixed.
It is necessary to understand our circumstances and to understand in advance that a small amount of ingredients that are not used as raw materials for the dishes we offer are mixed in.

4.About food allergy support menu

Ⅰ. About low allergen menu

1 We will provide a "low allergen menu" that removes 7 specified raw materials and walnuts that are required to be labeled.

2 We do not remove 7 specified raw materials and items other than walnuts.

3 Customers will be able to bring their own safe food (retort, frozen, etc.) and eat and drink at the same seat.
Please let me know when you make a reservation or check in the hotel.
(We will help you with heating microwave ovens and hot water roasted.)

4. Reservations will be accepted up to 5 days in advance. In addition, we cannot accept applications after 4 days in advance. (This does not apply to foods brought in in 3)

The above