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About food allergy

Please confirm the correspondence of person having food allergy from the link below.

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Best Rate Guarantee

I made a reservation because I had a corporate contract, but when I look at the other company reservation site, the same accommodation day and the same room type are sold cheaply.

Corporate contracts are not eligible because accommodation fees are negotiated and sold in advance between the two companies.

Package rates posted on the airline's website are sold at a lower price in total.

Package products such as airlines are not eligible because they will not be involved in the selling price.

Although cheap rooms are available on other companies' reservation sites, only high-priced rooms remain on the official website.

If the vacant room type at the time of reservation is not the same, it will not be eligible.

When I made a reservation, the official website was at the lowest price, but one week before the accommodation, another company's reservation site site was cheaper.

The best price warranty promises to be reserved at the best rate.
If you find a cheaper price on another website within 24 hours of your reservation, we will apply that rate and offer an additional 25% discount from the price of the third party's reservation channel.
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